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Simon Carter

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Simon Carter is a UK Men’s fashion designer with five stores throughout London and one in Brighton.  The brand is well known for extravagantly printed shirts, tailored suits and a good selection of men’s fashion accessories, jewellery, shoes and jackets. Shipping is via Express Courier only with 2 to 3 day delivery to New Zealand at £25.

Simon Carter Menswear UK

What do Simon Carter say about themselves?

“Simon Carter is a British designer fashion brand established in 1985 which thrives on inspiration gleaned from a vast array of sources including the worlds of fine art, the decorative arts, architecture and couture through the ages.

The brand celebrates the quality and heritage to be found in these isles, utilising fine fabrics and old fashioned labour intensive processes to create its signature look, always elegant, impeccably crafted and frequently featuring a note of surprise, subversion or humour: all designed to emphasise individuality and quality.

The product range runs from accessories including cufflinks, watches, fine luggage, jewellery and more to a full clothing range offering the discerning dresser everything he could possibly want.

Simon Carter products are found in the best fashion stores all over the world and represent a quality addition to any intelligently conceived man’s fashion collection.

Simon Says: Since 1985 when I sold my first product – a vintage brooch that I had copied in pewter, to the society jewellers Cobra and Bellamy, I have held fast to some core principles. People often remark, whilst skirting round the difficult word ‘retro’ on the conspicuous presence of heritage and tradition in my work. There is a reason for this, a reason why I am often to be found mooching around at auctions and in antique shops – or thrift shops if you prefer.

In the old days, as it were, utility and beauty could be more easily aligned. More time available to conceive things with sufficient regard paid to how long it might all take, then design and construct in such a way that the integrity of the design and its construction were of a piece. Harmony of form and function – what every serious designer should aim for.”

Dress with individuality, with Simon Carter delivering direct to your door in New Zealand.

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